The Banyan Tee's Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy 📝

1. Cancellation Window 🕒:
- Customers may request cancellation within 2 hours of placing their order.

2. Post 2-Hour Cancellation ⏳:
- If more than 2 hours have passed since the order was placed, cancellations will still be considered if the order status is 'Live' (i.e., it has not yet been sent for production).

3. Production Commencement 🏭:
- Once an order has been sent for production, we are unable to accept cancellations.

4. Rejecting Delivery 🚫📦:
- Customers retain the option to reject the shipment at the time of delivery.

5. Failed Delivery and Refunds 💰:
- In cases where delivery fails or the shipment is rejected, a full refund will be issued. The refund process will be initiated once we receive the product back in our warehouse in its original condition.

🔔 Note: We urge customers to review their orders carefully and make any necessary cancellations within the specified time frames to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience.