Women’s Day — March Like Your Future Depends On It

Women’s Day — March Like Your Future Depends On It

“March like your future depends on it,” is a call to action for women worldwide to continue to push for progress towards gender equality.

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March 8 — Women’s Day, the one day of the year when we celebrate half the world's population (precisely, 49.6%). But wait, isn’t every day Women’s Day? Well, in theory, yes, but in practice, not so much. 💁🏻‍♀️

That’s why we have Women’s History Month, which is celebrated in March, to highlight the contributions of women throughout history and raise awareness about the ongoing fight for gender equality. 🧔🏻‍♂️ = 👩🏼‍🦰

In honor of this day, here are some facts about women that you may not have known:

1. Women make up half the world’s population, yet they earn only 10% of the world’s income and own just 1% of the world’s property. 🌇

2. Approximately 70% of the world's poor are women, and they are often the primary caregivers for their families. 🪙

3. Women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the food, and earn just 10% of the income. 💵

4. Women make up only 25% of the world’s parliamentarians, and only 22 countries have a female head of state or government. 👩🏻‍⚖️

5. Women are disproportionately affected by violence, with an estimated 35% of women worldwide experiencing physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. ❌

6. Women face significant barriers in accessing education, with 62 million girls out of school worldwide. 📚

7. Women’s representation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields remains low, with only 28% of researchers globally being women. 🧐

8. The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected women, with women more likely to have lost their jobs, taken on additional caregiving responsibilities, and experienced increased rates of domestic violence. 🦠

These facts demonstrate the ongoing challenges faced by women around the world, as well as the critical importance of recognizing their contributions and continuing to fight for gender equality.

Women should have the same rights and opportunities as men, not just because it’s fair, but because it benefits everyone. When women are empowered, they can contribute fully to society, driving innovation, creativity, and progress. 👩🏻‍💻

Women play an essential role in shaping our world, and it’s time to give them the respect, recognition, and opportunities they deserve. So, Happy Women’s Day, and let’s keep fighting for a more equitable future! 🤘🏻❤️

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