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International Friendship Day - Facts

World Friendship Day is celebrated annually on 30 July, while America observes Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August every year. A day dedicated to friends and companions, it’s a time when you cherish the wonderful relationship you have with your friends.

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  • This day is also known as World Friendship Day.
  • The idea of celebrating friendships came about in the 1930s through the greeting cards company, Hallmark.
  • The proposed date was 2 August, however, it never gained popularity in the US as people viewed it as a profiteering.
  • Though unpopular in both the US and Europe, the idea of honoring friendships was adopted by several countries in Asia from the 1950s onwards, including China, Malaysia and India, where friends exchange gifts. It is also popular in Latin America.
  • In 1958, an organization called the World Friendship Crusade proposed 30 July as a day to recognize friendships. The WFC was founded by Dr Ramón Artemio Bracho of Paraguay as a way of using friendship to foster culture and peace.
  • On 27 April 2011, the United Nations declared 30 July as the official International Day of Friendship, stating “Our world faces many challenges, crises and forces of division… To confront those crises and challenges, their root causes must be addressed by promoting and defending a shared spirit of human solidarity that takes many forms – the simplest of which is friendship.”
  • The aim of International Friendship Day is to help bridge the gaps between people of different ages, races, colors, nationality, and religion in order to build strong communities that embrace difference.
  • Celebrated on the first Sunday of August each year, the official origin of Friendship Day in America goes back to 1935, when Congress announced its importance and the need to dedicate a day especially for honoring friends.

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